We intend to establish KNÖLLINGER as a leading producer of precast refractory parts. To do so, we focus on specific fields such as functional ceramics for the steel- and iron-producing industry and a variety of precast parts also designed for application in high-temperature processes, e.g. cement production or waste incineration. We are constantly investing in the modernisation and capacity expansion of our production facilities. Especially the new construction of our modern 2-line mass production in 2019 signals a striking expansion of our portfolio. In addition to specialising in shaped refractory products, we have also been offering unshaped refractory materials in BigBags or bagged goods at the well-known high and stable quality level at the best possible price/performance ratio since then. Our clear focus and high degree of vertical integration from raw refractory to finished product have allowed us to develop unrivalled competence and to respond flexibly to individual customer desires. Our production facilities are capable of manufacturing components weighing from only a few hundred grammes up to eight tonnes.

Excerpts and applications from our product portfolio:

Purging systems

Products for use in secondary metallurgy during pig iron or steel treatment.

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Purging lances

Purging lances both for gas and for solids for desulphurisation, alloyage or homogenisation of steel and pig iron melts.

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Sliding gate plates/ceramics

Components for ladle gates or distributor gates for directing the melt and controlling casting.

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Precast foundry parts

Broad range of components for steel and iron foundry processes.

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Other precast parts

Products made-to-order for individual customer requirements for use in the most diverse of high-temperature processes, e.g. steel and iron production, kiln manufacture, fibre industry etc.

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