Various precast shapes

KNÖLLINGER is a producer of prefabricated refractories and regularly supplies users in the steel/coking industry (door stoppers), furnace construction (walking beam furnaces, annealing furnaces, etc.) and the aluminium industry.

Innovative employment concepts for high-temperature treatment methods are designed specifically to meet customer requirements.

The gas-powered large-scale dryers in our plant feature a capacity of 8,400 x 2,650 x 2,900 mm (L x W x H). This allows almost all common component formats to undergo controlled, fully documented heat treatment at up to 400°C. For special applications, our plant is also equipped with batch furnaces for firing temperatures of up to 1,200°C.



Keramische Verschleißteile GmbH
Auf den Dorfwiesen 20
D - 56204 Hillscheid


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