KNÖLLINGER Keramische Verschleißteile GmbH

KNÖLLINGER is a medium-sized, value-oriented family business based in the Westerwald. Our name is associated with refractory ceramic products for the steel industry and modern foundry equipment. In addition to formed precision components, our range also includes unshaped materials. Our customer-oriented market presence and extensive technical expertise have secured us strong partnerships in the European steel and foundry industries. The consistent advancement of our competences in the fields of research and development, procurement, joint ventures and production and the rapid availability of our products have cemented both our customer relations and our market position over the past years.

KNÖLLINGER considers integrity, honesty, reliability and sound economic practice the core values which form our foundations for long-term business success. Our corporate principles include a long-term outlook, efficiency and allowing our workforce to share in the company’s success. It is our corporate philosophy to decide, to shape, to take responsibility, to progress. To allow our workforce to assume this responsibility, we offer jobs with diverse tasks and as great a freedom as possible to express personal potential.

KNÖLLINGER promotes trustful communication. In our conduct towards customers, staff and suppliers, we are open and honest, afford each other respect and listen to one another. Shared work, shared thoughts, shared learning, shared improvements, shared discussions and shared responsibility form the foundations for partnerships and honest customer relations. We support our employees in their professional advancement, provide a pleasant and motivating work climate and honour performance where due.

KNÖLLINGER as a well-grounded family business holds to the values of our society. Well aware of our economic, ecological and social obligations as we are within the company, we afford social commitment and responsible behaviour great value. We support local voluntary initiatives and associations and endeavour to participate in driving positive change.

KNÖLLINGER stands by its mission statement, which reflects our philosophy and conduct. It presents all of us with an incentive and an example to follow in further pursuing our successful path – the greater our cooperation and faith in one another, the greater our success. In the end, showing is always better than telling.



Keramische Verschleißteile GmbH
Auf den Dorfwiesen 20
D - 56204 Hillscheid


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